March 11, 2013

Scattered Thoughts and a Pity-Party

When I'm at work on the weekends, a myriad of random thoughts cross my mind, many of wish I'd like to chronicle or share. Again, my finger itches as it mouses over the 'update status' button on Facebook. Nope. Won't do it. So, this. This might happen every weekend, bear with me.

First, a rant -edit: the rant devolved into a maaaajor whine-fest in which I treated this blog like my therapist, so I threw it under a jump.

Edit x2: I can't break up a jump, so the rant is at the bottom now.
Edit x3: This was written on Saturday, and didn't get posted til Monday. This edit is only to add: My body does not know how to sleep in. I had my alarm set for 11AM, and I was wide awake at 7:30.

Anyway, some scattered thoughts, as noted:

1. Video store tourists:

I love my regular customers. I even love the cantankerous or cranky ones, because I at least know what I'm getting with them. As someone with moderately-severe anxiety, new people scare me. Especially new customers. You never know if they're going to complain about the prices, if they had an account here years ago with hundreds of dollars of late fees lurking in their past, which I will find and they will scream at me for, when they're going to try to rent 7 movies by bringing me 7 cases instead of 7 cards, etc. It just makes me nervous and doesn't help when it comes to my stress (the stress is noted in the whine-fest under the jump). Anyway, it's March Break, so people who have no idea what to do for a week where they can't ship their kids off to school are out in full-force. Also, kids make me really, really twitchy. I like kids, but groups of 3 or more running around and screaming in a video store (and multiplied by X, depending on how many families are in here at once) push me to my limits of sanity. I've made up three new accounts already today, to bring in less than 5 dollars for each, for people who will never be seen against once March break is over.

However, I'd like to note that one guy comes in here with his 4 kids, the youngest seems to be about 7 and the oldest around 13, the guy himself is a straight-up Cape Breton kind of guy, swears not out of anger but out of habit, rough around the edges, whatever - but his kids are awesomely behaved. No "OH DAD I WANT THIS WHEEE!" But, "Hey dad, I'm getting this one, k?" and they say please and thank you. And it is AWESOME. You go, dude, for how you're raising those kids.

2. I hate show-mances.
I don't like chick flicks. I don't like kissing scenes in movies and TV shows. I fast forward through them. The only relationships I care about are those that transpire in *certain* books, like The Hunger Games series or Harry Potter. If something's sole purpose is a relationship (any romance novel, Twilight), I hate it. So, this leads me to say: Big Brother Canada, could you PLEASE fuck right off with the showmances and all the time spent featuring them. I don't need to watch people cuddle and make out all the time. Don't make me quit watching because your editing sucks.

3. Just some more thoughts on Big Brother
Speaking of #BBCAN, does Jillian remind anyone else of a brunette Blake Lively?

In a moment where my brain decided to leap out of my body, I Googled "Is Aneal gay?" without including his last name, or "from Big brother", or any other specific modifiers for the search.

"Aneal" is one letter away from "anal". Put "anal" and "gay" in the same sentence, and, welp, any idiot knows what's going to come up in their search. Had this happened at home, I would've chuckled and moved on. However, I was at work, and people were around, and the computer screen is visible - so I went into "afdfgfhdfhfgdhgdf PANIC"-mode, hitting X's and praying nothing would freeze. Nothing did. Good.

I think I'm pulling for Aneal.  From what I've read online, people seem to think he's too monotone, but when he pulled that (ultimately pointless, but still) stunt where he spread Gary's glitter around to make the house hate him, I was stoked. He DOES kind of seem to know what he's doing, and I appreciate that in a player. All the people that are all "BAWWWW LET'S CUDDLE AND MAKE OUT LOLOLOL" make me wanna stab things - except Alec, becaecuse he teamed up with Peter and I'm also Team Peter all the way. Woop.

DID ANYONE NOTICE THAT MARCIA THE MOOSE SOUNDED LIKE WILL FERRELL AS MUGATU IN ZOOLANDER? Like, not all of Zoolander, but when he was dressed up as the creepiest little kid in the world in the brainwashing video? Also kinds of sound like Bruce on Family Guy. Anyway. I got a kick out of that.

AJ is a non-entity. "Topaz" (bitch, your name is already Emerald. Why was the name-change necessary? Meh, you're a pretty girl so I'll let it slide. Hi, my name is Society, and I allow good-looking people to get away with stupid shit) is pretty much not there as well. I know it's early and there are still too many people in the house for everyone to get screen-time, but dafuq, Big Brother. I bet you're kicking yourselves for casting these boring people.

I hate Tom and feel he's the kind of guy that will one day get charged with domestic abuse, or murder someone in a barfight. Just a bro-douche. I hate that type. And he's my age, and my lack of male friends (I used to have many, but not in recent years) makes me fear guys my age. But yeah, he's a jerk.

Glittering, over-the-top flamboyance or not, Gary is pretty fucking awesome.

And that's all.

Rant removed, cause, whatevs lol

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