February 24, 2013

The Academy Awards and Why I Love Them, an Intro to Oscar Night

The Oscars. Ermahgerd.

Lots of people like the Globes, or the Grammys. When I was younger, I was down with the MTV movie awards. But I've been glued to the screen on Oscar night for years, with my hardcore, wear-a-dress-even-though-I'm-not-at-a-party-and-usually-alone, vigilance since I was old enough to drink.

 I only know this because I remember my mother coming home from work Oscar night to find me passed out in a chair in the living room  -this was the 80th Academy Awards, hosted by Jon Stewart, and the year No Country for Old Men took Best Picture. That year, I was in love with NCFOM, Juno, Eastern Promises, and Sweeney Todd. It was the first year I realized I liked movies that critics liked (as opposed to my usual garbage like Good Burger or every bad comedy, ever; keep in mind I'm not judging anyone who doesn't like the nominees, taste is something that's straight-up subjective) -with empty Smirnoff Ice bottles around me. Seeing as I don't remember being reprimanded for this, I had to have been 19. Now, at 24, I know this is my 5th year of Academy Awards full-out celebration.

My first job was at the local movie theatre and when I worked there, I watched EVERYTHING. Before I was of working age, I used to go to the video store - the same one I actually work at now - and rent 4 old movies for 4 days for $4.99, and spend the weekend holed up in my bedroom with a litre of chocolate milk and a box of Junior Mints, losing myself for hours in movies spanning every genre, decade, and rating (cartoons are my Favorite Thing, but highly gory Tarantino films are also a huge part of my "best-ever" lists). Once I realized that IMDb was a Thing, and I could read trivia, get answers to frequently asked questions, and find out who played what part and what other movies they were in, I knew I'd always view the movies as more than just a way to kill an hour or two when bored; I now appreciated the work that went into them, fell in love with different directors (Christopher Nolan and Tim Burton being my two favorites), actors, and even composers (James Horner, Hans Zimmer, and Danny Elfman ftw!) - I was now viewing film as the most impressive of all art-forms. My favorite category at the Awards is actually Cinematography; in fact, there was a brief period where I entertained the idea of film school, to become a cinematographer myself.

And so it came to be that tonight, I cracked a bottle of wine*, donned a red dress - one I bought yesterday, actually, to wear out to dinner for my boyfriend and I's 4-year anniversary), put on my gaudiest jewellery, and am now sitting patiently, hoping to watch Django Unchained before the Red Carpet specials start - I can't miss the fashion, after all.

I'm pulling for Jennifer Lawrence - a/k/a KATNISS EVERDEEN OMG for Best Actress, although I love Jessica Chastain with all my heart and won't be upset if she wins. And seriously, how good was Quvenzhane Wallis in Beasts of the Southern Wild? Sure, she's 9/10 now, but she was FIVE when she auditioned, and probably around 6-years-old during filming. It's insane. She was phenomenal.

I'm predicting that Mr. Daniel Day-Lewis has the Best Actor category in the bag, as he ALWAYS does when he's nominated - but I watched Lincoln, and he really and truly becomes a character so far removed from anyone else he ever played - just like he does with every role. He's got a gift, and I love that he gives it to us every few years. Actually, that fateful 80th Academy Awards that started my tradition saw him winning for There Will Be Blood.

Best Picture? I have no idea. I've seen 5 of the nominees; hoping to make it a full 6 and maybe half of Argo before the show actually starts. That means I'll have seen NONE of Les Miserables, which sucks because it's something I actually wanted to see, not just because of the awards. Also missing from my viewing will be Amour, but I read the synopsis and I know I'd be reduced to a bundle of sloppy, sobbing, sadness if I chanced it. Of the nominees I've seen (Beasts of the Southern Wild, Lincoln, Life of Pi, Silver Linings Playbook, and half of Zero Dark Thirty), my favorite was easily Silver Linings..., and I'm not even into the Rom-Com genre. As I mentioned earlier, Jennifer Lawrence is just wonderful to me, my absolute girl-crush. Bradley Cooper is one of the few male actors I find attractive, so while I've always enjoyed him based on that, he showed phenomenal acting chops in this movie. I was blown away. I'm hoping the film takes home at least one win in the many (major) categories it scored noms in.

Well, the time is drawing near and I have some mawfuggin' dresses to look at, so I'll conclude this lengthy spiel now.

*I crack a bottle, or a can, of wine almost every night.... but usually not on Sundays, so work with me here.

February 22, 2013

February 22nd - I wore makeup again, what!?

Two days in a row! This blog may serve as more than just a sounding-piece. It might actually help for me to use my freakin' makeup.

So, today, a fairly cotton-candy-themed eye.

FIRST OF ALL, I "fixed" my brows today. Apparently, I need SIGNIFICANTLY better lighting in my bathroom. Please, ignore the strays. I tried, mmkay?

Lid: MOI cosmetic's "Venus" - applied wet (the purple-pink)
Crease/outer corner OVER "Venus": - Glamourdoll Eyes, "Bird? Plane?" (the blue that looks purple over Venus in the corners)
Above the crease - extremely pink IRL, not so great on camera - Antoinette's Revolution Cosmetics in "Liasions" - the company is now-defunct :(
Brow bone: MOI cosmetic's "Shimmer and Pearls"

Did I mention MOI is a Nova Scotian indie beauty company!? That's why they were my first and favorite.

Also, I went to the mall with the girls from school today. I never get to the mall - I legit don't even know how to shop. The only store I bought anything from was La Senza. I've got SOME class and won't show you the undies I bought*, but I DID get two delicious-smelling body sprays.

"Goddess Nectar" on the left, "Kiss Me, Cupcake!" on the right.

*the La Senza website title bar leads with "Sexy lingerie..." - ain't nothin' 'sexy' about the undies I bought, they were 5 for $27, and they're both practical and colorful :) 

February 21, 2013

Nails and makeup, February 21st

When I wake up early enough on a school day, I actually go through the effort of DRYING my hair after I shower, allowing me to wear it normal, and not forcing it into two tiny pigtails (about two and a half months ago, I got it cut MUCH shorter than what it had been the past 3-4 years, and it's now in that awkward growing-out-in-between phase). I also take the time to apply makeup, something I used to do on a daily basis before I started school.

Colors I used today:
MOI cosmetic's "Venus" - main part of lid (the pink-y fuschia).
Chinovi Cosmetic's "Poww"* - messily :( applied to crease (the black, looks MUCH better when Someone Who Isn't Me uses it).
Chinovi Cosmetic's "Unicorn", above the crease (the darker purpley color).
And my favorite "very light, pale, pink of unknown origin, perhaps NYC-brand, that I  have owned for approximately a decade and haven't thrown out, don't judge" on my brow-bone. I almost always use this as a highlight.

As far as my nails go, the purple base color is Maybelline ColorShow Metallics in Amethyst Ablaze, but more importantly - the glitter polish is Lush Lacquer's "Party Rockin'". I LOVE Lush Lacquer. I have four mini-sizes by them (including "Party Rockin'") and I ordered an additional 5 mini-sizes today. Pretty excited, not gonna lie. Ignore my short nails/dry, kinda broken skin. It's winter, and I'm a smoker whose hands are exposed to the elements every day.

*I just noticed that Chinovi's shop seems to be down? I hope it isn't a permanent issue!