March 4, 2013

Lush Lacquer swatches - 5 new mini polishes!

*Just thought I'd note that I bought all these polishes with my own money, no one's paying me to say nice things, I just love this shiz. :)

I love Lush Lacquer. I don't think that's something I need to reiterate beyond this. An Etsy shop run by the mother and daughter team of Karin and Lexi, these ladies offer some of the most unique (and just hands-down gorgeous) independent, homemade glitter polises on Etsy. Link to their shop (seriously, visit!) here:

Previously, I took advantage of the "4 Mini Polishes" offer, and I ordered Pink PantherSalt N' PeppaMidnight Affair, and Party Rockin'. I've used the four of them extensively. All four had clear bases, and therefore had to be used over another polish to obtain the best effect.

Welp. I ordered *FIVE* more minis from LL, and this time, 4/5 had a colored base in addition to the glitter! 'Scuse me while I fan myself, I am floored and pleased!

So, with pictures and Kari and Lexi's own description on the colors, here goes!

First off: Dream On
As described by LL: "It is a creamy white base polish with neon blue, green and purple glitters scattered throughout it! It gives off the appearance in the pictures and in person that it is completely a baby blue base BUT it is actually a WHITE BASE and because of the large amount of blue small glitters we use in it...the base picks up a baby blue hue in the bottle and on the nails too."

Picture: 2 coats of 'Dream On'

As described by LL"... has a mint green opaque base with a greenish iridesence to it. We have mixed in a bunch of different sizes and shapes of black and white glitters... squares, hexagons and rounds make up this "yummy combo"..."

Picture: 2 coats of 'Minty Chip'

As described by LL: " instead of white. It has full coverage with 3 coats...but it's not an opaque base, it has a jelly look to it. It has a mixture of different sizes and shapes of matte red, yellow, blue, orange, pink, green and purple glitters... hexagons and short bars make up this "funky combo". This is a very FUN polish to wear at anytime of the year! This combo is sure to attract attention..."
Picture: Two (messy) coats - if I applied it neater, it'd be MUCH more impressive.  But, I'm drunk. So sue me? REALLY, REALLY MESSY; PLEASE DON'T JUDGE THE POLISH ON MY SLOPPY APPLICATION!!

As described by LL: " It has purple, neon green & regular green, blue and fuschia glitters throughout it. We added a touch of iridescent short bar glitters to give it some glow and pizazz! 
It NOW has a sheer black base(it didn't before) and the more you layer it, the darker the black gets."
Picture: Two reeeeeeally sloppy coats. 

#4, Last one, "Drama Queen- not one with a colored base.
As described by LL: "a clear base with pink, purple, orange and yellow/gold glitters in it. Some of the glitters have a holo sheen to them to get that shimmery look. We also added an drop of iridescent purple short fibers. This polish is packed with a ton of glitter. The colors in this polish look beautiful together and it is absolutely beautiful on. It's very bright and pretty definitely attracts attention! It looks great alone with 2 to 3 coats for good coverage and also looks great over other colors ..."
Picture: Two coats of Lush Lacquer's 'Drama Queen' applied over Essence's "Off to Miami!"

Everything is AAHHHHMAZING, with 'Drama Queen' being the only one I ordered with a clear base that needs tweaking!

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