About the words and the girl.

What is the Brittsperiment?

Initially, this blog was set up to chronicle my adventures in attempting to use all my indie eye shadow samples. But eventually, I lost interest and scrapped the idea, but the blog and the title remained. After that short-lived iteration of my slice of internet, I posted random things. Rants, essays, Big Brother Canada recaps, Oscar fangirling. Stuff as directionless and ultimately scattered as I am. Then, I fell into a near year-long dry spell of not feeling like writing anything.

Being without Facebook (deactivated August 2013) has left me with only Instagram as a social outlet. I kinda LOVE Instagram, by the way. It's fun, and a great place to throw pictures of my cats or makeup or screencaps from The Simpsons. No one (that I follow) brings any drama; it's all cats and dogs and toddlers and makeup and food! However, sometimes that little comment-space isn't enough for my word-vomit. Coupled with my new trying (and holy shit - succeeding!?) to eat healthy and shed 75lbs (to get to a size 8ish, and lose the 40 depression-pounds and the further 35 school-pounds I gained since 2011),  I think it's time to get back to the blog!

I kept the title and URL, because my life really IS an experiment. I don't know what I'm doing "right", or "wrong". I'm just figuring things out as I go. I'm not 6 or 7 years into a university degree (though that would be nifty), I'm not saddled with children, I'm not married or engaged (though I'm in a 5-year relationship). I'm not anything I thought 25-year-olds were when I was little. And I'm actually really, really okay with that. I'm a nerdy girl, who lives on her own, has 4 cats to wrangle, loves to read, watch movies (and The Simpsons and ANTM/Project Runway), and is trying to lose a butt-ton of weight.

So, who am I, then?

Welp. I'm 25, as previously mentioned. I live alone in my apartment, I'm a slave to my four cats (Marcus, Max, Harry and Silas). I'm a girlfriend to the only real boyfriend I'm ever had, for 5 years now. He's quiet and reserved and really hardworking; I'm LOUD and sometimes obnoxious (I prefer 'enthusiastic'), and love to nap more than I love to breathe.

 I'm a reader with a voracious appetite for books. I watch bad reality TV (save for dating shows, can't stand 'em - cooking and "creative" shows, like Project Runway, are my favorites), I like anything to do with crime (SVU, Criminal Minds). My first job was at a movie theatre, and I've worked at a video store (yep, they still exist!) for five years now, so you could say I'm pretty passionate about film.

 I'm studying to become a  Paralegal/Legal Assistant, and I LOVE school I graduated June 2013 and received my Paralegal/Legal Assistant diploma, but haven't found work.I took 5 years off after high school (financial reasons only; I was always into school and learning), and finally found a one-year program that suited me. I'm a major homebody and that suits me just fine.

I'm unabashedly in love with Taylor Swift's songs. The Red album is my favorite, and Treacherous is my favorite song. On a broader scale, there's no particular genre I like, I'm into to just about anything. I like Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Elton John, Billy Joel, ABBA, blink-182, Mariana's Trench, and yes, I'll still listen to Roxette and the Backstreet Boys when the mood strikes.

I'm an atheist and very left-leaning. I accept people of all races, religions, sexual orientations, genders, whatever. The only thing I am intolerant towards is intolerance - coming from anyone and towards anything. That includes fat- or thin-shaming. I'll live my life the way I please, and you can do the same, and we can all get along.

This is me. The current incarnation (my hair changes dependent on my mood):
Thanks for stopping by, and all that.