February 21, 2013

Nails and makeup, February 21st

When I wake up early enough on a school day, I actually go through the effort of DRYING my hair after I shower, allowing me to wear it normal, and not forcing it into two tiny pigtails (about two and a half months ago, I got it cut MUCH shorter than what it had been the past 3-4 years, and it's now in that awkward growing-out-in-between phase). I also take the time to apply makeup, something I used to do on a daily basis before I started school.

Colors I used today:
MOI cosmetic's "Venus" - main part of lid (the pink-y fuschia).
Chinovi Cosmetic's "Poww"* - messily :( applied to crease (the black, looks MUCH better when Someone Who Isn't Me uses it).
Chinovi Cosmetic's "Unicorn", above the crease (the darker purpley color).
And my favorite "very light, pale, pink of unknown origin, perhaps NYC-brand, that I  have owned for approximately a decade and haven't thrown out, don't judge" on my brow-bone. I almost always use this as a highlight.

As far as my nails go, the purple base color is Maybelline ColorShow Metallics in Amethyst Ablaze, but more importantly - the glitter polish is Lush Lacquer's "Party Rockin'". I LOVE Lush Lacquer. I have four mini-sizes by them (including "Party Rockin'") and I ordered an additional 5 mini-sizes today. Pretty excited, not gonna lie. Ignore my short nails/dry, kinda broken skin. It's winter, and I'm a smoker whose hands are exposed to the elements every day.

*I just noticed that Chinovi's shop seems to be down? I hope it isn't a permanent issue!

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