February 22, 2013

February 22nd - I wore makeup again, what!?

Two days in a row! This blog may serve as more than just a sounding-piece. It might actually help for me to use my freakin' makeup.

So, today, a fairly cotton-candy-themed eye.

FIRST OF ALL, I "fixed" my brows today. Apparently, I need SIGNIFICANTLY better lighting in my bathroom. Please, ignore the strays. I tried, mmkay?

Lid: MOI cosmetic's "Venus" - applied wet (the purple-pink)
Crease/outer corner OVER "Venus": - Glamourdoll Eyes, "Bird? Plane?" (the blue that looks purple over Venus in the corners)
Above the crease - extremely pink IRL, not so great on camera - Antoinette's Revolution Cosmetics in "Liasions" - the company is now-defunct :(
Brow bone: MOI cosmetic's "Shimmer and Pearls"

Did I mention MOI is a Nova Scotian indie beauty company!? That's why they were my first and favorite.

Also, I went to the mall with the girls from school today. I never get to the mall - I legit don't even know how to shop. The only store I bought anything from was La Senza. I've got SOME class and won't show you the undies I bought*, but I DID get two delicious-smelling body sprays.

"Goddess Nectar" on the left, "Kiss Me, Cupcake!" on the right.

*the La Senza website title bar leads with "Sexy lingerie..." - ain't nothin' 'sexy' about the undies I bought, they were 5 for $27, and they're both practical and colorful :) 

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